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Han Woo Tak while you were sleeping in 2018 t Korean
Jung Hae In/Han Woo Tak - While You Were Sleeping
Jung Hae In as Han Woo Tak - While You Were Sleeping
Jung Hae In Thanks “While You Were Sleeping” Fans For Making Him No.
Han Woo Tak of 'While You Were Sleeping' Draws Second Lead Sydrome
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“While You Were Sleeping” Previews Jung Hae In And Lee Sang Yeob's First Official. “
While You Were Sleeping - Officer Han Woo Tak (Jung Hae In)
Jung Hae In as Han Woo Tak, a police officer. He ends up helping Jae Chan and Hong Joo and develops such a lovely friendship with them.
han woo tak (jung hae-in) while you were sleeping
... serves dad with divorce papers and gets a beating for it. But the fire alarm goes off and he stops, thanks to Hong Joo's quick thinking. Woo Tak arrives ...
While You Were Sleeping
Lee ...
Woo-tak wonders to himself if things will really happen according to his dream, in which he'd come to this restaurant with his partner, ...
... Han Woo Tak (Jung Hae In) is quickly becoming one of the best parts of the show. He's so sweet and earnest! And how cute is his inexplicable obsession ...
Jung Hae In | Han Woo Tak While You Were Sleeping
Woo Tak discharge from hospital - While you were sleeping Ep13
But sometime later, Woo-tak wakes up in his hospital bed with Hong-joo and Jae-chan by his side. The first thing he does is ask after Hong-joo, ...
He says that that's enough for him, and then puts on his hat to salute him one last time. His partner salutes back and hugs him tearfully, ...
Naa Jaane - Jung Hae-in 💕 | Han Woo-tak (While You Were Sleeping) | Korean Mix
While you were sleeping » Woo Tak + Hong Joo ▻ I Can't Make You Love Me
Jung Hae In. "While You Were Sleeping" ...
Watch the mystery, romance story of “While You Were Sleeping” from the beginning now!
While You Were Sleeping-CP1-2.jpg
You'll recognize him as the pedestrian that our heroes saved in the show's first episode, but now that we're getting to know him, Han Woo Tak (Jung Hae In) ...
Fall for Jung Hae In over and over again in these 5 dramas
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Woo-tak gets a late-night visit from his former roommate, Cable Guy Hak-young, who's wanted for the murder of an Olympic archer.
【While you were sleeping】The Secret of Han Woo Tak
An Honest Review Of 'While You Were Sleeping'
And Jae Chan and Hong Joo finally figure it out too, as we see a picture in their house of them lovingly gazing into each others' eyes, and she's in a ...
While You Were Sleeping - Han Woo Tak Asian Actors, Korean Actors, While You
Jung Hae In (정해인) is a South Korean actor under FNC Entertainment.
Woo Tak admitted in hospital - while you were sleeping Ep13
On the latest episode of the SBS drama "While You Were Sleeping ...
While You Were Sleeping (2017 TV series).jpg
Lee Yoo Beom continues to feel the pressure, even from Choi Dam Dong (Kim Won Hae), who tells Yoo Beom that enough is enough.
No, it's not a Korean adaptation of Sandra Bullock's movie.
The Three Flying Dragons Of “While You Were Sleeping” Have A Blast Behind-
While You Were Sleeping
While You Were Sleeping Ep 30 | han woo tak nam hong joo pelukan
Teaser 3 - 59 sec: While You Were Sleeping
6 Fakta Jung Hae In, Polisi Ganteng di Drama While You Were Sleeping, No
Hak-yeong ...
As she says this, we cut to the young man in the Batman cap that Jae-chan saved, HAN WOO-TAK (Jung Hae-in), putting on a policeman's uniform.
Jung Hae In (Han Woo Tak)
Jung Hae In as Han Woo Tak Image Source: Official SBS Facebook Page
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Lee Jong Suk, Suzy, And Jung Hae In Get Closer In New "While You Were Sleeping" Stills
As a boy, we see Woo Tak runoff during a funeral with the boy whose father died on the bus and watches the boy rage at his uncle.
Day 4: While You Were Sleeping
[Eng sub] While You Were Sleeping EP. 27|Jung Jae-chan coming out from bathroom
While You Were Sleeping
The production staff of “While You Were Sleeping” shared, “The preview revealed that Hong Joo and Woo Tak dream about Jae Chan giving up his job as a ...
I have also noticed that Lee Yu-beom always sides with the defendant that Jae-chan is trying to go against with. He says that he doesn't care about money or ...
The Cast of 'While You Were Sleeping'
The newly released stills show the moment Woo Tak opened his eyes while laying on his hospital bed, and the concerned faces of Jae Chan, Hong Joo, ...
An Honest Review Of 'While You Were Sleeping'
10 Moments From Episodes 9 And 10 Of “While You Were Sleeping” That Slayed
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Lý do để bạn nên yêu một Woo Tak (While You Were Sleeping) ngoài đời thật | JungHaeIn in 2018 | Pinterest | While you were sleeping, Sleep and Korean actors
Viu Philippines on Twitter: "Have you missed the adorable second lead Han Woo Tak of While You Were Sleeping? Want to see Jung Hae In's charismatic smile in ...
'While You Were Sleeping' (WYWS) Recap Of Finale Highlights
Inside, So-yoon stands stoically, tears streaming down her face. Little Bro walks up to her with his flowers, but she doesn't seem happy to see him.
While You Were Sleeping Episode 6
His partner shakes his head and Hong-joo braces herself, knowing that Woo- tak won't lie under oath. He balls up his fist and finally says, ...
Korean Dramaland
SBS 'While You Were Sleeping' Official PV (Image Credit: SBSNOW/YouTube
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(L-R) Jung Hae In as Han Woo Tak, Ko Sung Hee as Shin Hee Min, Lee Jong Suk as Jung Jae Chan, Bae Suzy as Nam Hong Joo and Lee Yang Seob ...
Jung Hae In as Han Woo Tak. While You Were Sleeping Review
Ternyata, Han Woo Tak (Jung Hae In), petugas polisi yang mereka temui di awal cerita juga bisa melihat masa depan lewat mimpi.
While You Were Sleeping
... as wide-eyed, with short arms and legs and protruding lips... Like Hong Joo! This scene is so cute and adorbs, I was making mental notes already of ...
... Shin Jae Ha, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Suspicious partner, Temperature Of Love, V, While You Were Asleep, Woo Do Hwan, Yang Se Jong, Yoo Ji Tae|
A quick summary of the monologue: They were both at the bus stop waiting for Jae Chan to arrive but was running late. Thanks to him, Woo Tak notices their ...
For ...
... he did that hair thing? Oh come on, man.
While You Were Sleeping
SBS 'While You Were Sleeping'
While You Were Sleeping Korean Drama Trailer 2017
I believe the most talk-about character from While You Were Sleeping is Han Woo-Tak, played by Jung Hae-In. I've heard so many people that said they're ...
“While You Were Sleeping” Cast Share Thoughts After The Drama Finale. “
Woo Tak is such a sweet and selfless man who is always more than willing to jump in and help when needed.
He also saves Woo-Tak (a police officer) and the latter subsequently dreams about Jae-Chan.
While You Were Sleeping: Lee Jong Suk, Suzy, Jung Hae In's special ability to change the destiny. ‹
While you were sleeping Imagines/preferences
Reparto. While You Were Sleeping ...
While You Were Sleeping Episode 3
While You Were Sleeping
เรื่องย่อซีรีส์เกาหลี Vagabond
We rewind to the moment when Jae-chan called Hong-joo earlier that night to check in, and see this time that officer Woo-tak had been watching the clock.