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Maximising green space in a dense city is important for the
Urban planning and the importance of green space in cities to human and environmental health
The arguments for urban densification and urban sprawl both have merit and neither is absolutely right. Flickr/t3rmin4t0r
A green roof on Chicago's City Hall
Greening Manhattan: bringing nature into the city is one thing, making it part of our culture and everyday lives is another. Alyson Hurt/flickr
Maximising green space in a dense city is important for the inhabitants and for the nature
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Trees cool cities down, naturally. emmett anderson
Will a lack of open space damage generations of Hongkongers?
Figura 1. Inserción forzada de edificios densos en espacios verdes que permitían un respiro al entorno urbano. Sector de la ciudad de Medellín, ...
Green space in Singapore. Singapore is one of the densest cities ...
... Greener thinking (Credit: Tianjin Eco City) ...
Elizabeth Kerr
Rapid growth in cities like Brisbane increases the pressure on existing urban green spaces. Author provided
Chicago's City Hall green roof.
Creating a diversity of green spaces in urban areas is just as important as the amount
GREEN TRAJECTORIES Municipal policy trends and strategies for greening in Europe, Canada and United States (1990-2016)
In Stuttgart / Germany Green Roofs are mandatory for new flat roof buildings. Copyright IGRA.
Nearly half of Singapore is now under green cover, which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also improves the air quality and mitigates heat from the ...
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Tiny Paley Park, surrounded by skyscrapers in New York City, introduced the concept of a 'pocket park' in dense urban centers.
Population density and per capita green space in the sub-districts of Berlin 2012 (
Hong Kong needs more public open space, for people's physical and mental well-being
City-dwellers are prone to depression – are high-rises to blame? | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian
Green for wellbeing – science tells us how to design urban spaces that heal us
London Plan: Density limits removed and new minimum space standards outlined
Native plants don't need much space really. Simon Pawley/Sustainable Outdoors
Central Park New York
Urban green space good for your health
Is it possible to build health-enhancing and sustainable higher density development?
The Surprising Connection Between Green Spaces and Health
singapore green buildings skyline
view from New York's tallest residential skyscraper, One57 on to Central Park
Masdr City project featuring renewable energy technologies in Abu Dhabi
Building technology renders residual open space in Hong Kong suitable for development: shrinking the stock
The park as a grand civic gesture is not new, but there's more we
Impressions of green spaces in the two neighborhoods: Green space next to the highway in
Cities Skylines Guide – How residential zones work
©Blanche Cameron, London and ©Pelsmakers, Renaudie's 'Jean Hachette' housing scheme in Paris – examples of integration of urban greenery
Does higher-density city development leave urban forests out on a limb?
Green space, easily accessible to everyone no matter what their income, should be a priority in designing high-density residential areas.
Cities need Goldilocks housing density – not too high or low, but just right | Life and style | The Guardian
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... An aerial shot of Central Park in New York City.
AESIR_CLIMATHON_CHALLENGE_CONTEXT. Green spaces are an important ...
France, a green wall on a building in Paris
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Zone density and building wealth are the main factors that lead to tall skylines and massive populations. The secret to achieving a high density in your ...
The Las Condes plaza area following management and public space improvements.
The City of Stonnington Strategy for Creating Open Space, implemented in 2013, aims to
Historical importance and development of parks and public green grids
3 Ways Land-Use Planning and Zoning Can Increase Urban Density —TheCityFix
Does higher-density city development leave urban forests out on a limb? - Australian Property Investor
Passive Recreation Passive recreation is important
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AFTER: The restored river and pedestrian corridor is receiving heavy use by residents, who enjoy the additional green space and access to water.
Landownership Analysis. Visual interpretation of high-resolution orthophoto (25 cm, 1:
The High Line promenade, Manhattan, New York City. Picture: istock. “
Figure 6.
The term transit oriented development (TOD) was first codified in North America by Peter Calthorpe and is defined as a walkable, mixed-use form of ...
A view of Parkroyal on Pickering in Singapore, designed by WOHA to have 15,000sqm of greenery – double the area of the site
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The new design of the University Meadow. Photo taken on 29/08/2018. Photo: Neven Tandarić
Hundreds of residents have recently gathered in Valletta in a demonstration in favour of the environment and the protection of trees and green spaces.
It is equally important to consider the quality of public open space and how it will be used, in order to maximise community value and its contribution to ...
Andrew Clements
Photo of Talbot Botanic Gardens Malahide
Ebbsfleet: first new garden city in a century is still at the masterplanning stage with
Urban rooftop gardens are a fantastic way to incorporate functional greenery into our cities.
... the city's urban density. Another innovation ...
Cities need Goldilocks housing density – not too high or low, but just right | Life and style | The Guardian
6 significantly large areas were identified. These are the Western Catchment(74km 2), Central Catchment(48km 2), Seletar(15km 2), Changi Airport 1 & Naval ...
Ngai Tahu's new Hobsonville-Kerepeti development has a dwelling density of approximately 100 per hectare
Loneliness, affordability and green spaces: the challenge of building liveable cities | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian
Plants and greenery, whether at home, in the workplace or in urban areas have
Valletta, the capital city of Malta and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located in an urban agglomeration characterised with a high population density and ...
... Parks); Fresh perspective (Credit: MWDC/Rollerhaus Pictureworks & Design ...
eco cubby.jpeg
Big Data Suggests Big Potential for Urban Farming
Urban Design Landscape Architecture Award: K2K Urban Design (JMDdesign + Hill Thalis Architecture and Urban Projects + Bennett & Trimble Architects).
Types of transitional space [4], [12]
Mixed Logit of Parks A, B and Usual Park with Status-quo as invariant
New York, United States Image: Becky Phan, ...
An artist impression of the proposed Skypark in Melbourne.
Bishan Park, a great example of innovative urban planning in Singapore in which green spaces
Rob thinks of his office like a city in miniature. His championing of the open office is part of a concerted strategy to maximise the transfer of ideas, ...
Like many cities throughout the world which are facing rapid population growth and aiming to become more sustainable and reduce sprawl, Auckland is looking ...
Detached housing around a shared garden at 35dph
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Bridging the Emotional Disconnect Between People and Cities